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My photo

In this photo show up

without earrings, no chains, hair pickup locations,

the ears look without any makeup, the photo should

be a dark colored blouse in the photo should be shown from

the neck up, you have to see the entire head, you should be serious,

looking straight at the camera, white background.

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My family

This photo is of my family.

in it we appear my sisters isabella posada and maria jose ,

my brother Nicolas steban, my mom Daissy liliana motta,

my dog luna and me.

My dog and i

I like dog and other animals I am against abuse

I like to feed them play with them because they are also sentient beings

and also we care we must also take care of them.

Photo of my dog

My dog name (Luna) is a very small dog is a month old but it is beautiful

black and is gentle, affectionate and always sleeps well with me and thank

god that I got in my way because I have him the truth much appreciation.

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My friends and i

In this picture we are best friends vanessa motta,

nicolas posada,miguel angel,tania alejandra, kevin david,valentina sabogal,

isabella posada,maria jose, and I which we are dressed.

What i like to do

In this show up on the bike because it is one of my hobbies, dissfruto

shopping and going out to look for my friends to do something in my spare

time trying to entertain but also enjoying the company of my best friends.

What i like to do

I like the ground and I get questions about the nature

the field and I love plants, it is interesting that they live by

survived by nature and we must take care.

My university

I want to do my studies in Fusagasuga,

Forestry School, after leaving school.

this is one of the best schools in the country

police and I would be proud if I go.

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